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Florent Schmidt is a photographer and director based in Paris. 


The street and the hip hop culture of the ’80s inspires his spontaneous, raw and instinctive approach to photography. 


Florent switch with facility from still pictures to motion pictures, smoothly transitioning from shooting album covers for major French bands

to directing their music videos for major labels such as Virgin, E.M.I. and Sony.

In the meantime, he shows his personal work about boxing, graffiti and music in several exhibitions.

Florent infuses his work with a distinctive energy, whether expressed in muted restraint or unbridled brilliance, no matter what form or theme he chooses.

Today, expanding his universe in fashion, portraiture, advertising and still life photography, Florent Schmidt subverts the expected.

He is the founder of Dissident Pictures, an online platform selling limited edition fine art prints signed by photographers.

No matter where we go when we have solid roots.

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